Members of the association shall be open to all Road Transport Employers in Nigeria regardless of sex, tribe or religion. The respective members shall be enrolled by any chapel of the association, which exists in his or her area of operation.


  1. Every candidate for membership shall fill and complete an application form and in the appropriate form undertake to uphold and defend the constitution of the association at all times.
  2. Application for membership shall be submitted to the Association’s chapel where the candidate is and in the absence of a chapel, then the nearest chapel to the candidate.
  3. A possession of membership card/certificate as the case may be, duly signed by the chapel chairman and affirmed by the national president is the only evidence of membership of the association.


A member shall cease to be a member of the association under the following;

  1. Where he voluntarily resigns.
  2. He is suspended/expelled from the association.
  3. He is disqualified and becomes unfit to be a member of the association for the following reasons;
  4. a. If he is of unsound mind.
    b. If he accepts an appointment as a paid official of the association.
    c. If he is requested by a resolution passed by not less 2/3 votes of those present at a meeting of the National Executive Council as the case may be.

  5. Any person who ceases to be a member for any of the above reasons shall:
  6. a. Surrender his identity card and uniform to the association. b. Where he is an officer/official of the association, surrenders all official with or under him to the association. c. Shall cease to be entitled to any benefit however, whatsoever from the association, and the association shall not be liable however, whatsoever to him.


A. All members shall be bound by this constitution, to obey same and all decisions of the association.

B. All members are bound, shall unconditionally obey and implement all decisions by the association.

C. All members shall abide loyally to all decisions of national, state/zonal chapel executive councils.

D. In the event of strike, all members, chapel or state branches shall observe and conform to such instruction and directions as the national executive council may from time to time issue in relation thereto.

E. No member, chapel or state branch of the association shall without the consent and clearance of the national executive council knowingly employ any person who is on strike against any other chapel or state branches of the association.

F. No member of any chapel of the association shall offer employment to any driver or conductor without first obtaining a discharge certificate of his former employer.

G. Under no circumstances shall any member personally or jointly, join or belong to any union or association without surrendering all properties movable and immovable in his possession i.e. building, office keys, vehicles and motor parks under the authority of RTEAN. Any contravention of this shall invalidate rights and benefits of member or members concerned and the NEC shall take the appropriate action to recover all such property or properties.